What is ART?

What is ART?



e have seen in the past generation a change in our perspectives on art. We have lost touch with many of the old masters and the unique abilities to make something that will not only last through the generation’s but inspire. Our appreciation of what is beautiful has also changed. Or has it? Yes some of the master put forward some pretty dark subject matter, however it was creative and awe inspiring with a actual message within it. Can you identify the masters? Do you appreciate the cultural significance of fine creations within these past inspired works? Are we in fact disregarding the designs of the masters within many major art creations or are we being conditioned for forget those works that inspired nations and generations of individual identity?

I want to take a moment and get some perspective on the following video of a current art project. This is the new generation of what is considered unique and creative. Let me know your thoughts below.

This project gained a lot of financing by way of artistic foundations and funds made available from the public trust for creativity in the arts.

Video Description:

Everybody is an exploration of the human condition from birth to death and a metaphorical, metaphysical and magical investigation of the body.


Everybody’s born

Everybody cries

Everybody shits

Everybody dies

Conceived in 2012, Everybody is a giant 26.5m human puppet with articulated, detachable and interactive body parts and organs. Ambitious in scope and subject, it is the largest human puppet on the planet and represents the essential humanness of everybody.

Everybody‘s build is experimental; it’s kind of unimaginable, so big and complex but without high-tech design. Its creation is brute, rough, handmade. Everybody is all genders and multi-racial.

Everybody lies down indoors in theatres, outdoors in parks and in open public spaces. In repose, Everybody sleeps, breaths and stirs. Everybody is not just one puppet but a multitude of independent, roaming human body parts and organs; they are characters in their own epic tale of human existence.

Everybody is an immersive experience. Audiences can walk around, sit on, lie against, get inside, and cuddle up to Everybody and all its beautiful body parts. The giant human puppet is viewed in 360 degrees. Everybody, the experience, is a six-hour interactive art installation, or a 90-minute stage show.

The piece begins with the death of the giant human puppet via a brick thrown at Everybody’s head. The head cracks and its brain oozes out. Everybody watches its life flash before its eyes, from birth through life and ultimately death. Everybody’s now independent body parts and organs perform the journey of its life stages. Everybody is in 4 Acts: Everybody’s Born, Everybody Cries, Everybody Shits, Everybody Dies.

Human performers play audience members or passers-by who find themselves transported into, then flung out of, the brain of Everybody. Everybody is made up of: Mouth, Eye, Poo, Foot, Ear, Nose, Brain, Lungs, Baby, Penis, Vagina, Bum, Skin, Heart, Hand, Guts, Breast and Hair. And with guests, Pig and Brick.


Original Creator: Andy Freer

Collaborators/Performers: Andy Freer, Stephane Hisler, Mitch Jones, Lachlan Plain, KT Prescott, Daniell Flood, Erin Hall, Eleanor Lindberg, Aidan Min, Daniele Piodomani, Elin Soderlund, Ruth Twardy, Nick Wilson, Rosalind Hall

Previous collaborators: Marco Cher-Gibard, Roman Tucker, Ryan Williams, Gabriel Bercovich, Joe Blank, Amber Craven, Angie Orrego, Matt Plummer, Phillipe Reynolds, Kerry Scarvelis, Toni Smith

My Rant:

Notice the lovely piece of fecal matter wrapping itself around the children and of course you can appreciate a dead woman’s lactating breast squirting supposed milk on your children. What’s the harm in that? Oh look! Lets get urinated upon by a penis… Forget the anatomy of a dead women would have no such an appendage on her body, but who cares about accuracy. The joke is in the fact you will let strangers do this to you and your children, you will laugh about it and pay the cost of entrance. Forget that it’s degrading, humiliating, inaccurate or an ugly expression of a dark death. This is all in good clean fun, of course! Isn’t it?

YES! I am Stepping UP onto my Soap Box:

The project in the video above should be considered an insult to our senses as well as our intelligence.

Is this truly the way of our perspective’s? Have our morals in this so called new generation of “No Limits” art been so degraded we accept anything as art and entertainment? One can appreciate the extent of the work on this project. With that being said it’s hard to appreciate the message this gives to children and adults alike.

A woman is obviously murdered by a brick. She gives birth and disassembles into rotting bits. Her bodily functions spread out to extract their ooze upon the unsuspecting crowd. All in great fun. Somehow her Penis (always the Hermaphrodite theme) then runs after you and sprays you with its concoction of bladder matter. While her breast disengages from her body to express milk upon your children. Is that an accurate description of what we just witnessed as expressive art?

We have become a society of “No Limits” we encourage our small children to twerk to Miley Cyrus’ stripper exploits for adolescents. We have proven pedophilia politicians enacting lower consent laws, to allow your 9 yr old the “right” to consent to sexual acts, they have no understanding of. We have schools teaching our children Anal Sex is acceptable and natural, and Oral Sex is a wonderful alternative to physical sex. Schools encourage children that “Friends with Benefits” is a good thing. We have critics unloading bombastic comments and labeling those of us whom disagree with their perceptions of moral misconduct as anti-whatever. They humiliate us along with our children into acceptance of their views. It’s become outright bullying.

I expect to get lambasted for this view, however when do we draw a line on poor social behaviors, that are out of control in our programming? It is just that, PROGRAMMING us to accept this degradation as subjective, acceptable and under the guise of creativity.

A Worthy Project

It is interesting that projects that give a point of view pertaining to how the control system is designed are never supported financially or featured to any great extent.

In support of a project our good friend and guest to the Resistance Round Table, Stefan Verstappen has developed.

After discussing the project at length with Stefan for some time now. Stefan expressed his view within the project, that is not outright obvious to the general committee or public. He designed it as a way for him to rebel against the controlling structure, so that he can get his message out in a subtle way. Once he explained the concept and ideals behind the project, its understandable why funding is limited to a clever idea to awaken those less receptive to our opinions on conspiracy and the hidden controllers.

Artist Stefan Verstappen, has designed developed many art projects in his career. He created his current project to inform the public and younger generation how influential the pyramid structure is in our lives. He placed a placard plate at the project to explain the controllers of our society, who have focused the structure of the pyramid for the purpose of controlling societies. Stephan explained how “they” use it to get you to participate in our current world. The young are being influenced to always put up their diamonds or pyramids at concerts as a symbol of their rebellion. “They” encourage participation in becoming familiar with their very old pagan ritual usages of this symbol, now embedded in our society.

Stefan’s project is designed to force or encourage people to participate and use this symbol to interact with it. Hidden within the project is the concept of how its hard not to participate on some level with the object of art. As well as participating you can become informed on its ability to influence the user of the project. The message within is outlined in its description, of who is controlling whom within the harmonics of life. Is it the participant who makes the music within or the structure itself who is swaying or influencing what tones and notes you play? The message is to take control of your outcome. No one else will do it for you.

Stefan’s work is intriguing and creative. He has tried to point out the satanic control structure through this piece and explains it on the project. Yet of course funding for his project is mute. Access to public funds for his design and information is out of reach, due to his view on their agenda. Please look at his work below and consider supporting in some small way so Stefan can cover more cities for exposure, empowerment and informational purposes. While Stefan exposes this concept he helps the crowds understand the concept of the hidden “THEY”.



 Toronto’s Nuit Blanche
October 3 2015


Nuit Blanche 1Tri-Monic Musical Interactive Art Installation
This is installation brought strangers together to create music and harmony, and a spiritual experience.

This short clip shows a group of strangers, who have never played a musical instrument, pick up instruments and start playing together in a circle immersed in light. Filmed at Nuit Blance 2015, during cold and rain and 40 kpm wind, and it sounds strangely spiritual.




trivideo 1Looking like a cross between an alien artifact and an ancient occult ritual, Tri-Monic requires viewers to stand in the middle of three 12 ft. tall black pyramids and sing or play an instrument.

When the pyramids detect music they come to life with a light show and play in harmony with the player or singer standing in the center.

By interacting with this sculpture, everyone becomes a star!

Tri-Monic is the latest interactive multi-sensory art installation by Toronto artist Stefan Verstappen. It was selected by the curatorial committee to be exhibited at this year’s Scotiabank Nuit Blanche arts festival, October 3 2015.

About Nuit Blanche

Nuit Blanche

(Night of Lights) is Toronto’s annual free all-night public art event. The 10th edition of Nuit Blanche will light up the city and features more than 70 independent projects by the Toronto arts community.

Last year over a million attended the festival!



IMG_9836Nuit Blanche 3Nuit Blanche 6





Support those who work outside the box of the web. There are many clever way to get a message across.

Please visit Stefan’s website at: ChinaStrategies

or on Youtube Here



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