What is FPRN Radio Really?

What is FPRN Radio Really?



M for Truth, brought to you by InsaneMedia.net, sits down for a breakdown interview with the producer of FPRN Radio to discuss the structure of and reason for FPRN’s existence.

SwanSong sat down with Ryan from FPRN Radio to find out exactly what the station is about and why they offer the services they do. Ryan, a producer for FPRN Radio, elaborates on the many programs they offer and why they put this format forward for everyone to use.

We are in an age where the ‘powers that be,’ are limiting free speech and on control which mediums we can vent or post our opinions to. It is critical at this time to look for alternatives to broadcast our voice by way of finding like-minded formats away from YouTube and other large outlets that do NOT protect your right to free speech by constant censorship or outright false termination of your account.

FPRN Radio has been attacked by various sources indicating contrary information to destroy the reputation of the station. FPRN Radio has tried to explain themselves by way of commenting and hitting these false accusation through comments. However, it’s interesting that those making these accusations ban and stop all direct communication from the station. These channels then accuse and claim FPRN won’t respond and are therefore scared to face the information. How does FPRN rebut if they are already banned from responding?

In this interview, Ryan takes the time to explain, in his own words, how the Audio Now service is used and how it applies convenience for the listener to be able to listen from virtually anywhere. Audio Now is simply a service that gives the potential listener a way to listen to FPRN Radio through a phone call.  It exists only to broaden the ability of the Network to reach those who are still using non smartphones or for those whom often are on the go and would rather place a phone call to listen to the show rather than use their mobile data . That’s all it is! So, if you are uneasy about using the service, then don’t call the listen line to listen to the shows.  There are many other ways to get  the content that FPRN is producing without using Audio Now at all.

Ryan explains the hypocrisy of using Google/Youtube’s services solely to attack an independent freedom format for using a supplemental service that isn’t necessary for the Network to function.

FPRN Radio is a freedom/liberty content format of independent hosts who want to express themselves without limit by YouTube and others who strike or delete your opinions or content in videos.

We believe its time you take a real look at the truth of who and what FPRN Radio really is. We support them because we see the truth of their efforts and for how amazing they are for offering this non-constricted format. 100% of what has been reported in a negative context of FPRN Radio is an outright misdirect and total fabrication of the facts.

If you are about the truth, then learn the truth. It takes critical thinking to actually know and research what the real facts are.
Like it or not, believe it or not, this is a truthful account of who and what FPRN Radio is about. The moral of the story regarding FPRN Radio’s attack by trolls is they don’t want you to put your opinions on separate formats that they can’t either strike, dislike or make false claims against to make you lose your content. For example, on Youtube in the past, false copyright claims were filed under names such as: Randy Savage, Bugs Bunny, Batman, and other ridiculous names and cartoon characters.

It’s all about character assassination and getting rid of the liberty free speech platforms. This has nothing to do with the content nor the topics of discussion via the information. Its all about hurting the individual who has generously provided their time and effort to a cause they believe in. Even to the extent of putting out, making up and distributing false information and fake names, locations and sources, to hurt the person and so far as to endanger their families.

These people mimic you and impersonate you and others to their own ends, then laugh at the slander that turns against the innocent persons, these lies are focused on. They know they are outright lies however they don’t care so long as some of you will copy and spread their illogical falsies.

Here is one example of hurting others and making it look like someone (YOU) doing it. Listen to his tone. These guys get off on this deliberate destruction of the victims they want to turn on and those they are impersonating.


Screen Shot of the Channel:

lapdog lies

They can’t handle the truth that we are ordinary people releasing extraordinary information. They want to bring you down at all cost.

hellidiot1hellidiot2Its never about hitting the information because they know they can’t dispute those facts, so they focus on those presenting the information and if they can’t hurt you through lies they threaten you with harm.

Note: One cannot respond to threats when banned from commenting, therefore they then suggests in many videos and comments of a person they attack as being afraid to face them on what is supposedly presented. They stop you from countering or commenting on their hangouts as well as attending them by banning you. Being banned limits you to access, reply, respond and attend. Assuredly, it’s not fear of these psychopaths and their lies, its being restricted by the very ones accusing you of this ploy. Rather than fear, we must expose them for what they are as well as the lies they conjure. Those who believe this nonsense are just here for the drama and the theatrics of division this can only create.


When scare tactics don’t work to get you to stop giving you opinion they then begin to threaten you with harm. This is the “Game of Trolls”




If you follow and believe these strange and mentally deranged individuals then please move on and leave us alone. We have bigger issues to focus on than these type’s of heartless attacks.

In closing, I recommend subscribing to those whom are truly independent from the evil triangle of Google-YouTube-G+. FPRN Radio protects your content. You have safety and protection on their website and platform, and they want to destroy that protection. They hate your information being safe from their dirty paws. Issues such as these need to be addressed. Let it be known we will take hits and attacks but will come back stronger. More and more are waking up to their tactics and lies. The awakening is so much like an onion, in which, there are so many layers to the truth. So, lets start peeling!


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