Whats Going On At Closed WalMarts?

Whats Going On At Closed WalMarts?


Video Description:

If this these vehicles were seen at an open Walmart I could make the case that there was nothing to these images but to find this at one of the Walmarts that was closed for plumbing repairs becomes highly suspicious!

walmarttweetFederal Way Washington:

Many locations are seemingly having strange occurrences happening at them.

In this next video on a fly over of a supposed closed store we see this.
Flying Above Closed Walmart, Brandon / Valrico, FL, DJI Phanton 2 Vision Plus V3

Video Description:

Decided to send up my little eye in the sky to see what kind of plumbing activity is possibly taking place at the closed Brandon / Valrico, FL Walmart. At approximately 3:00 p.m. on Saturday, May 2nd, 2015, I launched my quad copter from about 1,500 ft away, flying at an altitude of 125 ft – 350 ft from a secluded area as to not stir up any trouble. I observed a little red car circling the parking lot which I assumed was security, a fork lift driver either loading or unloading something from a blue container, also a red semi moving that one storage container and a good number of “Plumbers?” exiting their vehicles and entering the closed Walmart store from a side, rear entrance. You decide…………………..

NOTICE: The RED TRUCK again much like the one hauling the Military Vehicles.

Second Fly Over:

Video Description:

After posting my first video which I thought would be of some interest since this Brandon, FL. Walmart is one of five across the U.S. that closed suddenly without notice for 6 months due to plumbing issues, I had some extra time this afternoon to revisit this Walmart again to see if there was any visible changes from above concerning the plumbing problems. This is what I captured, read below…..

“This will be my last flight at this location due to the fact that only 12 minutes into it, one sheriff car passed me and parked at a nearby building and then a 2nd sheriff car appears @ 14 minutes which I believe had parked already. They watched and waited there until the descending location of my quad copter could be determined, which I caught by hand and immediately loaded into my back seat. I could see both officers staring me down as I entered my vehicle. As I drove around the parking lot where some nearby vacant business rentals are, the female officer, now in her car approached me and we both rolled down our windows. She asked if I was flying a drone and she said there was a complaint from a dentist office saying a drone was flying overhead, I told her that a buddy of mine was looking to rent a retail space nearby and wanted an aerial view of the vicinity. She asked why don’t you just look on google maps and I told her that the pictures there are usually old. She then told me to “watch out”, they get a lot of calls concerning those things. This is the raw video of my flight, nothing fancy, no editing, no music. If anything I possibly captured a theft occurring @ 3:11 when a person wheels out a cart to his car and unloads the items. You decide………………….”

Many Eyes watching whats going on at their closed Walmarts.


Video Description:

WALMART in tulsa,ok. CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS VIOLATION, blocked off , wont let me video , hiding something! IF YOU LIVE HERE PLEASE VIDEO ASAP! i try to get as much as i can but, im of no use in jail!

Notice: the woman is recording this persons vehicle. Very Strange Reaction to someone driving around their Walmart Parking lot. She was ready to capture anyone who was inquisitive.

Question: Why would they be unloading bulk products for a closed store? This does not look like it’s plumbing needs. Does it?


Strange Noises Coming from Inside Walmart.

Blast Doors Installed at Walmart.

Bonus: Found in the woods on a rural road.

Video Description:

This “tracked equipment” was spotted stowed in a barbed wire fence on the side of a back roadway. We are trying to confirm an exact GPS co-ordinates confirmation. As so far – Wake Village Texas – Highway 67, just West of 59 is where this was shot. Original Facebook post link – https://www.facebook.com/scott.hoyt.1…

We will bring you up to date non-sensationalized intel and analysis as we read through more of the government documents that define the 21st Century Military /Civilian Law Enforcement Push…..we will resist this un-American process and agenda.


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