When Demons ATTACK…Playgrounds!

When Demons ATTACK…Playgrounds!


Spiritual battle all around us. Sometimes we see glimpses. Strange things afoot in the playgrounds lately….let’s explore.

Under the Guise Of Safety and Security:

The events surrounding the recent up tick in crime at playgrounds leads one to question who’s behind these instances. Police and Security agencies want to initiate microphones and cameras into all our backyards. Using the premise of safety and security, they will achieve this end with great gusto from parents and citizens wanting to keep their homes, neighborhoods and playgrounds safe. Not only from those who mean to harm their children, also to protect their property.

Understandably cameras and devices to monitor your property are expensive. Yet I would hope most people would rather take care of their own business, than have intrusive measures placed in proximity of your homes. Cameras and microphones placed by police lead to a larger concern. Do you want to be monitored in your garage? Monitored through your windows? Monitored in your backyard? Questioned as to how you may or may not have treated or raised your voice to your children in your backyard? Is safety and security worth privacy?

The video containing the various reports from the Mainstream Media leaves me with questions. How have so many of these instances happened that are so closely related. They are countries apart yet all the same type of MO. Razor blades, putty, same positioning of the blades on playground equipment. We are lead to believe the NSA, CIA, FBI and many other nefarious groups monitor all our conversations on Social Media. One would think these groups of people would have been caught before they could begin this assault on playgrounds around the country. Notice the news is there to tell the parents about the event. Notice the police are there early in the morning to save the children from harm or injury.  All I question is who did in fact place these harmful devices and why? You decide who and what happens when demons attack playgrounds. Who are these clowns?

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