White Flags On Brooklyn Bridge Replace American Flags

White Flags On Brooklyn Bridge Replace American Flags



Footage of Switch:


6-22-2014.. Some time last night the 2 American flags that were on the top of the Brooklyn Bridge were taken and replaced with white flags. The white flags are 12×18 feet in size and it has been reported that it appears that at least one of the flags had stars and stripes under the white or that the flag could’ve possibly been bleached. The flags were 273 feet in the air.

Source: Anthony Antonello

If you notice this is an American flag and the guy lets it touch the ground. It should get the respect as it still represents the American Flag. Or is it a False Flag? 🙂

While the Mainstream Media Reports this as vandalism. Looks more like a surrender than vandalism.

White flags planted on Brooklyn Bridge, American flags missing as mystery deepens

The vandals apparently used aluminum pans — ‘like the ones you cook turkeys with’ — to cover the bridge’s lights and their tracks, a police source said. Cops say they want to interview five people caught on video just after 3 a.m. The motivation for the stunt is still unknown.

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