Why Do People Think The Earth Is Flat?

Why Do People Think The Earth Is Flat?


PoliceStateRadio and The TrutherGirls pose the question regarding flat earth concepts. Is the earth flat? Could it be? Diving deeper into the questions and looking at the possible answers to such thinking.


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    Jhenningkelloggia February 18, 2014

    people think the earth is flat becuz the Bible, science, and perspectivity tell us its flat… you have to be told as a little child the earth is a ball to believe that the earth is a ball… I’ve prepared and I’m ready to have this conversation with anyone in the world.

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      FR July 31, 2014

      How can there be direct flights from LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) to Tokyo, Japan with a 10 hour flight time on an earth that is flat?

      Thank you in advance.

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