The World Government – Blueprint


orld domination is the focus of this “master blueprint”. While some of this information may not be new, this scope and representation is unique and truly impressive. It is an extensive and detailed outline of major global infrastructure connections controlled by the world’s top Orders & Oligarchs.

This blueprint is so massive that it is difficult to download/view as a .pdf file. Therefore, a video has been prepared that will allow everyone to more easily digest these intricate details and the full extent of what is implied, to represent the New World Order’s “World Government.” Additionally, there are many, many other charts that detail various components of the infrastructure, illustrating Clubs and Secret Societies, the Financial sector, Media sector, Petroleum sector, Agriculture sector, Organized World Religions, and Security/Intelligence networks.

Although this information has been publicly available for several years, directly from the graphic artists who designed these charts – their sources and their intent are not specified. What should be clear is that this undertaking was not the result of casual, individual research. Given the type and level of detail, the interrelated context of all the various charts, and other information (Laboratory Planet Journal, etc.) found to be associated with the parent website, the entire scenario gives the appearance this work may have been “commissioned.”

All original documents can be downloaded directly from the source at as well as and others will be providing backups, should the original source be taken down. These charts are invaluable in helping researchers, activists, and patriots to possibly identify the individuals, organizations, and networks responsible for criminally collaborating to take away our global sovereignty. Should the high-level forces currently fighting against this global system succeed at the higher levels, it will still be, as it has always been, the responsibility of We The People at state and local levels to ensure these traitors, organizations, networks, and secret societies continue to be exposed and dealt with.

Do your own research, learn the system, share the information, and actively earn your freedom. We will not get a second chance.

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Secondary Source:
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Fair Use:
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    Tammara Scheffel February 18, 2017

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    glenn February 24, 2015

    love your show.

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      Francy February 13, 2016

      Can get to MassMirror okay, but the d/l speeds are miamnil. I’m experiencing massively reduced d/l speeds with all sites though.I’m not sure what you’re talking about. You’re not downloading the file from Mass Mirror, you’re downloading it from one of the hosts, such as Rapidshare, Megaupload, Badango, etc.So if the actual file downloading is slow, it’s one of those; not Mass Mirror. Or maybe your computer is not configured to download optimally.Jeff

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