Would You Have Sex with a Robot?


Futurist and Google Director of Engineering Ray Kurzweil thinks you will. He thinks we all will…in our artificial future where we’ll live forever as avatars we’ve downloaded our brains into…  – By TRUTHstreammedia


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    Pierre Lacasse March 03, 2014

    This is a very thought provoking story. My ultimate question is… “Is humanity as we know it doomed?” The concept of this is very “seductive” (pardon the pun) I must say, but I worry more about the long term implications for the organic human species. These new life forms with superior IQ’s, no disease issues etc… might one day decide that “humans” are redundant….. Then there is the “soul” question. We are indeed heading into a Brave New World with very worrisome issues.

    One last thought, if this worked, wouldn’t the so called “alien” encounters be/have been with robots pretending to be life forms? Or is this some thing they saw as bad and never allowed to develop? Food to stimulate the mind.

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    UpNorthOfThe49th March 03, 2014

    Some of you might recall Ray Kurzweil was highlighted in the older series “X-Files” was this pre programing in our minds to accept this guy as a good person, while in fact his intent is far from it. He was portrayed as the crazy scientist telling info to Skully and Malder. Learn a bit about this guy because he is a wingnut intent on recreating man into machines.

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      Jay March 03, 2014

      You are being kind referring to Kurzweil as a wingnut.

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