Writer/Director of “Gray State” Found DEAD in “Apparent Suicide”

Writer/Director of “Gray State” Found DEAD in “Apparent Suicide”


Reports indicate that filmmaker of “Gray State” and Iraq War veteran David Crowley was found dead in an apparent “murder-suicide” along with his wife and 5 yr. old baby daughter.

Apple Valley couple and their child dead in apparent murder-suicide

In the white rambler in the 1000 block of Ramsdell Drive in Apple Valley, a terrible sight awaited police: The bodies of a man, woman and child lying in the living room, the perpetrator and victims of an apparent murder-suicide.

The bodies may have been there for up to four weeks before they were found Saturday afternoon; neighbors next door and across the street said they hadn’t seen the family since before Christmas.

Authorities have not officially identified the people found in the home, but neighbors, real estate records and other data showed they were David T. Crowley, 29; his wife, Komel Crowley, 28, and their 5-year-old daughter, Rani. A black handgun lay nearby.

David T. Crowley Age: 29 Hot Head Productions

Komel Crowley Age: 28 From Facebook


The family’s dog was still alive, but wild and aggressive when police arrived, said neighbor Collin Prochnow, who discovered the bodies.

Crowley’s father, Daniel, who lives in Owatonna, Minn., said he hadn’t heard from his son and daughter-in-law over the holidays.

“We tried,” he said in a brief telephone interview.

Prochnow said he assumed the Crowleys had gone out of town for awhile. He shoveled their driveway a couple of times, even though they usually did it themselves.

When Prochnow and his wife returned from an out-of-town visit, he noticed packages had piled up on the front stoop. Shortly after 12:30 p.m. Saturday, he walked next door to take the packages to his home and glanced in the large front window.

“To me, they just didn’t look human,” Prochnow said.

“He came home and said there were dummies [mannequins] on the floor. And a gun,” his wife, Judy, added.

Judy Prochnow said another neighbor had commented to her about the curtains at the Crowleys’ home being wide open when, usually, they were closed.

But neither the Prochnows nor Alice and Bill Hixson, who live across the street, heard any gunshots or a dog barking, they said.

Real estate records show the Crowleys bought the house in December 2013.

David Crowley worked out of his home as a filmmaker and screenwriter. In the trailer (below this article) he is credited as writer and director of a movie-in-progress called “Gray State.” The frenetic trailer shows scenes of a militarized police force, gun violence and some kind of citizen insurgency. The trailer solicits online donations to help finance the project.

Mitch Heil, Crowley’s former business partner, said they had known each other since high school and served in the Army together. Crowley met his wife while he was stationed in Texas, and they married just before he was sent to Iraq.

On his LinkedIn profile, Crowley said of his time in the military, “After five years I had enough and left to pursue filmmaking.”

Heil is listed on the “Gray State” trailer as the movie’s director of photography. He said the two started a company called Bullet Exchange, which trained actors to use weapons in films.

But, he said, their business partnership had broken up last September, and he hadn’t talked to Crowley in months. Local actor Charles Hubbell starred in the movie trailer and contacted Heil about a month ago, saying he had been trying unsuccessfully to reach Crowley.

The Prochnows said David Crowley seemed like a good dad and had a trampoline set up in the back yard during the summer. Their grandchildren used to play with the Crowleys’ daughter.

The next-door neighbors said Crowley changed his appearance last fall, cut his hair short and started wearing fatigues.

“We noticed the change in his appearance,” Collin Prochnow said. “His personality didn’t seem to change. We never got into any kind of ­politics.

Read Full At Source: StarTribune

Police Audio of the Discovery HERE: Audio: Bodies Found In Apple Valley Home


fter watching many of the series of Gray State videos with David Crowley, you may well conclude this man had no intention of committing suicide and killing his family during the Holidays. Isn’t it often the case that when something like Gray State is coming to the public’s awareness that the Producer or other Key people in the development of such a documentary are taken before their time. Curious indeed.


Video Description:

This is an independently produced concept trailer. Please support the film and help it get made into a commercially viable feature film by contributing at indiegogo.com/graystatemovie

The world reels with the turmoil of war, geological disaster, and economic collapse, while Americans continue to submerge themselves in illusions of safety and immunity. While rights are sold for security, the federal government, swollen with power, begins a systematic takeover of liberty in order to bring about a New World Order.

Americans, quarantined to militarized districts, become a population ripe for tyrannical control.

Fearmongering, terrorism, police state, martial law, war, arrest, internment, hunger, oppression, violence, resistance — these are the new terms by which Americans define their existence. Neighbor is turned against neighbor as the value of the dollar plunges to zero, food supplies are depleted, and everyone is a terror suspect. There are arrests. Disappearances. Bio attacks. Public executions of those even suspected of dissent. Even rumors of concentration camps on American soil.

This is the backdrop to an unfolding story of resistance. American militias prepare for guerilla warfare. There are mass defections from the military as true Patriots attempt to rally around the Constitution and defend liberty, preparing a national insurgency against federal forces, knowing full well this will be the last time in history the oppressed will be capable of organized resistance.

It is a time of transition, of shifting alliance, of mass awakening and mass execution. It is an impending storm, an iron-gray morning that puts into effect decades of over-comfort and complacency, and Americans wake up to an occupied homeland. It is a time of lists — black list, white list, and those still caught in the middle, those who risk physical death for their free will and those who sell their souls to maintain their idle thoughts and easy comforts. It is in this Gray State that the perpetuation of human freedom will be contested, or crushed.

Is it the near future, or is it the present? The Gray State is coming – by consent or conquest. This is battlefield USA.




Here are a few of David Crowley’s Video on Youtube from his Gray State Series:

Video Description:

The Gray State team just got back from a 4-day trip to New England, spanning Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York. We investigated the Boston Marathon bombing, the suspects being hunted in Watertown, and campaigned with Oathkeepers, attending multiple rallies in three states.

We met hundreds of new fans, and were honored to be a part of the new movement growing in the very places the first American Revolution took hold – like Lexington and Boston.


Gray State: The Rise – Unofficial Trailer (Ron Paul 2012 or Gray State 2013)

Video Description:

Published on May 19, 2012

NOTE: We reached our crowdfunding campaign goals, so disregard the links at the end of the video.

Gray State: The Rise is the dystopian consequence of generations of American complacency. As we enjoyed our standard of living, globalist powers laid plans spanning decades to slowly erode our constitutional rights and civil liberties to the point where we mindlessly support invasive foreign wars for profit while tolerating being groped for security. The Gray State is not coming… it’s here.

If you’ve been following the Gray State effort, you know that it is a simultaneous exposé on the dissolution of our bill of rights at the hands of a tyrannical government AND a narrative feature film. Even though the effort has been going on two years, it is still in its infancy as it gather steam to plow ahead into big-budget production. So if this is something you care about, please contribute to the cause, as we’re going to be taking the opportunity to initiate grassroots marketing, spread the word to the thousands of liberty-minded people at the RNC, go on radio shows, and approach potential investors. This is a HUGE move for the Gray State effort, so if it’s a message you care about, please help us out.

Subscribe to the Gray State YouTube Channel and get the latest updates as the Gray State doc effort AND the feature film effort continue.


Gray State: The Rise (documentary preview)

You can find many more of “Gray State” video library at GrayState on Youtube.

Update from TruthMediaRevolution:



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  1. Avatar
    Anna Maria January 24, 2015

    If you were a murder-suicide, wouldn’t the gun still be in someone’s hand? Why was it nearby? At the very least it would be close to the body. The neighbors assumed they were gone for the holidays and yet the vehicle never left the residence. NO ONE heard shots? Not believable at all. Why has this not made national news? A whole family murder-suicide is rare. Nothing in his social media accounts suggest this man suffered from any type of mental defect. Nothing in this article makes sense. Even the conversation with the grandfather was brief and interviews with neighbors were unbelievable. I call cover up. This is senseless and sad. #policestate

  2. Avatar
    Joesphina January 24, 2015

    Actually the trailer was released in 2010.

  3. Avatar
    Rob M January 21, 2015

    My personal opinion is this whole thing was a total Psy-Op within a Psy-op . The Film was never actually made even though they asked for and recieved donations from the public to produce it and it has apparently been in production for over a decade now – this trailer was designed a long time ago (A short time Right after 9/11 )

    I believe it was designed as “Fear Porn” to make people feel they are helpless and must accept and conform to the NWO -even though the trailers concept hints that its designed around resistance of the NWO. I think its all “Programming” – and this guy is just another Hollywood style shill (Like Rodgers) and very much alive somewhere .

    I believe the true intent /agenda of the films Trailer was to flush out and expose those who oppose the NWO in order to place them on FEMA lists .

    I used to interact with Crowly on Facebook a long time ago under a different facebook account (because they shut down my old one many years back ..lol) and I kept asking him when the actual movie was coming out – he just replied they havnt recieved the funding they needed yet and had a donation page set up to fund the movie – but I always suspected the whole thing was a Pozner like Ploy from the very beginning because when I pressed him to give more details about the scripts overall story-line – he refused to elaborate on it -nor would he state whether he applied for film grants ,etc . (as any actual indie film producer would naturally)

  4. Avatar
    ThomasPeter 734 January 21, 2015

    – The alleged police-tape sounds surreal.
    Why did the policewoman even mention the dog and the Christmas-presents, if she saw dead bodies? Was there a dog barking on the tape later on? Btw, many alleged truther(gatekeeper)-videos contain barking dogs in it.
    – It is absolute unlikely that a whole family commits suicide at the same time. But its also unlikely that they are murdered. Do you even know how difficult it is to kill 3 persons in their home and make it look like that they all would have committed suicide?! A killer wouldnt do that, but would only kill David Crowly.
    – If someone wanted to kill David and to make the murder look like a suicide, then he would not kill 3 persons, because the murder of 3 persons dont look like a suicide.
    – David weared a body army with a big “police”-logo/slogan in MIRROR WRITING) on it.
    – Cleaners usually dont kill childs.
    – it is odd that noone did find the alleged dead bodies earlier. Did David have no friends or other family-neighbors who watched over him?
    – The Christmas-presents were allegedly in front of the house. This makes no sense.
    – Isnt it odd that ALL names in this story remind me to something?!
    – David Crowley reminds me to Aleister Crowley and king David
    – Komel Crowly reminds me to the cabalarian name “comel”.
    – Daniel Mason reminds me to “free Mason” and the prophet Daniel

  5. Avatar
    CheLanka January 20, 2015

    The last name “Crowley” is a bit familiar, eh? but regardless, I think this was legit and it isn’t hard to see why they are dead. Disgusting. This should be investigated as a murder on the sheer basis of the huge potential motive. That is standard procedure.

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