WW3 2014 Trident MH17 & US Nuclear First Strike

WW3 2014 Trident MH17 & US Nuclear First Strike



What happens next we know is a False Flag brewing….






Always proving her point with their own words and white papers Bluestarz876 does an amazing job of connecting some dots for us, in regard to current events unfolding in the news, as well as at events and past hint in the media. Is a strike in the works? Many of the outlined events seem to be unfolding as we review Bluestarz876’s information. Please sub and support her work by sharing she is an amazing researcher and exceptional in making connections within the UK to our joint events unfolding around the world.


Games, events and headlines all seem to indicate something is brewing. Is this in preparation of the events to unfold, in setting this deep into our minds to accept the inevitable outcome? Time will only tell.





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