Yellowstone Lake Earthquake Swarm

Yellowstone Lake Earthquake Swarm

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Still looking like hydrothermal activity….


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ellowstone is now experiencing three, and up to eleven, earthquakes each day. The Entire Park is now actively erupting gas at most Geysers and MELTING the Asphalt Roads.

Early this year there were reports of a MASS migration of Animals at the Park and the Ground is rising at an alarming rate. Will the Volcanoe erupt soon? Some are claiming it could, within weeks. However, no one really knows and it would be impossible for anyone to say for sure. It may be years or decades away. This park goes through cycles and this may be one of those.


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ellowstone region has high earthquake probability.

A new U.S. Geological Survey report indicates a slightly greater earthquake hazard in the Greater Yellowstone region of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho than previously thought, a geophysicist says.

“The new maps show how Yellowstone has had a relative increase in the hazard,” University of Utah geophysicist Bob Smith said. “It’s not a lot — it’s like 5 to 10 percent of peak acceleration.”

The USGS map of seismic hazards also shows that the region is as seismically hazardous as anywhere in the United States.

“It’s an area of well-above-normal earthquake hazard,” Smith said. “And now with all the population going in — all the new roads and dams — also high risk.”

A seasonal Moose resident, Smith was an advisory review member for the USGS report.

The nationwide USGS hazard maps and adjoining documents were last updated in 2006, he told the Jackson Hole News & Guide

The federal document has more real-world implications than most scientific studies because it is used to determine building codes and dictates how robustly buildings must be constructed.


A citizen at the scene contacted MaxResistance regarding an incident on July 10, 2014.


people fell into a portion of the collapsing crust and got 3rd degree burns. This relates to the story of melting roadway about six miles north of Old Faithful Geyser.

All 6 were helicoptered to Casper, Wy Hospital.  Three of these were then flown to Denver for further treatment, and three were flown to University of Utah Burn Center.

This person being close to accident said  – Strict gag orders were given to nurses and doctors to not speak on the events.  No word was  learned if there were any fatalities. A long recovery ahead for those involved.



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