You Won’t believe What Facebook is Doing & You! Exclusive Victims Report

You Won’t believe What Facebook is Doing & You! Exclusive Victims Report

Know your rights and what they are asking within their policies to use their platforms. Don’t be complacent to your rights. Look for alternatives.


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An Excellent report from LisaHaven, We need to search for alternative’s that don’t require every bit of our information to be revealed. If your choices are based on “Well if you have nothing wrong, you have nothing to be worry about”. Regardless of whatever you believe is right or wrong the law and the hidden signing of so many of these mandates and order’s can not be kept up with. The whole system of local, state, federal laws are all being changed without notice and without full disclosure of the content within these new laws. How can you with confidence say “Your doing nothing wrong” when you not actually fully informed.

As you notice in the video report above many are not aware of what would or would not be correct content to put out into social media like Facebook, Youtube or Twitter. We need to understand no one can know all the twists and turns within the new laws. Do you actually read the full content of these programs policies? Not many do, however as soon as you hit that little button that you accept their terms, then you are expected to have full knowledge of its outline. Once we focus on the content of these polices and procedures in using their programs we find it is very draconian and the only conclusion is they own your every post outright as being their own, as well as any ideas you put forward are now theirs. Your pictures, all content is then theirs and you can not take it back. Also if you have one opinion outside of their (The Powers That Be) beliefs you are criminally accountable for any objections, opinions or contradictions on their forum, they can and WILL prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law. You must go along to get along to use their platforms.

It is time to look for alternatives. We built these companies into the power they are and its up to those using it to take that power back and turn away from them and their grab at full power against each and everyone of us. Stop supporting your own demise. There is no reason they need every detail about you. Not your phone numbers nor your address or credit cards. This is a blatant attempt that should you post something they disagree with, they can totally shut your life down. Don’t doubt it they have already done it to so many cases already.

If you have the mental fortitude to look into the amount of control they are trying to achieve, please do so and please research this information for yourself and make an informed decision to move to an alternative outlet. Take back your information and stand up against these types of underhanded stealing of your information and rights. Above all else don’t be complacent.


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