Youtuber’s Disappearing?

Youtuber’s Disappearing?

One channel that has been up for many years revealing the truth about Virus’. David Andrew Christenson’s Channel:… has just dropped off the radar. Those close to David have tried to contact him via emails and messages without avail. Here we show one of his past videos he posted in regard to some very important information on the recent events surrounding the D68 and Ebola Virus.

Please research the information he is exposing.

Who is David Christenson?

Christenson is military veteran who has found himself in the middle of a very unique ongoing “Katrina Virus” situation described in the videos and info below. Documents confirming his credentials and information can be found at his website

David Christenson reported specifically on tracking and holding those accountable who were involved in the release of what is described as the Katrina Virus. Here is one of his short segment reports. Please go to the source for full details of his reports. Remnants of his reports are available online through searching the topics discussed.

Mayor Ray Nagin knew about the release of The Katrina Virus and the fact that the United States Military murdered Americans during Hurricane Katrina. He also knew that I had been illegally classified as a terrorist. This is one of the final pieces to the puzzle. Mayor Nagin was set up. Think about it. The DOJ has threatened, coerced, bribed and murdered witnesses. The DOJ has used propaganda and tainted jury pools as well.

Mayor Ray Nagin was indicted by a Federal Grand Jury on January 18th, 2013 in New Orleans, Louisiana. During Hurricane Katrina Mayor Nagin was infected with The Katrina Virus. (His primary symptom/side effect was a mental illness which resulted in a mental breakdown. He admits this in his book: Katrina’s Secrets.) Any prison time would be a death sentence for the ex-Mayor. (I worked out with the Mayor and became friends with him as well as others at the Hilton Health Club.)

Source: David Andrew Christenson’s

Thank you: MrPurpleTie for putting this report up.

We know there have been several other channels who were revealing some seriously important information within the Youtube venue. If you know of these channels, please let us know. Check back here and we will add videos and information on those who seemingly have drop out of site and their channels totally taken down.

Please comment below and stay tuned for updates on this article.


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    eevie April 05, 2015

    Can you feel the noose tightening….and they are trying to give us the bum rush to finish off our freedoms. Drooling, sick control freaks that govern our country and most of the world.

  2. Avatar
    MrPurpleTie April 05, 2015

    Thanks for the mention.
    For some reason the video is not working here,
    working fine on my channel.

    • Avatar
      UpNorthOfThe49th April 06, 2015

      Yes of course there is a problem of loading from yt now. It is fixed AGAIN lol thanks

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