ZeeRoe Three – Connections

ZeeRoe Three – Connections


ZeeRoe Three created a series of videos with some very insightful perspectives on many of today’s events.  We wanted to share with you some of these videos as most of these videos have not gotten the exposure we feel they should have. So take a few moments, sit back and let the information wash over you, as he outlines many of his unique perspectives regarding our world today.

Entry1 – The flame that burns twice as bright

Video Description:

If you have been looking for the truth, I’m sure you will understand well enough.

For all my brothers and sisters, please hear these words.

Entry2 – If you’re with us, then be with us

Entry3 – #CatchingUp

Entry 4 – Looking into Jade helm

Video Description:

Some things personally viewed regarding jade helm



ZeeRoeThree – Entry 5


If you enjoy his presentations please support ZeeRoe Three and subscribe to his channel. He has a great talent of seeing things others miss.



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    JC April 30, 2015

    We need to talk should I drop my # or what, Blessings

    • Avatar
      ZeeRoeThree May 04, 2015

      @JC What is the best way to contact?
      You can try facebook or through youtube.

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