Crisis Action Plan was drawn by the U.S. Military Strategic Planning called Calm Plan 88-88-11 / Controlled Zombie Dominance & Survival Plan, to eradicate the zombie threat and protect human kind. This plan runs through several zombie scenario’s, that could threaten the political and economic stability in the United States.


zombie2Pictures by Paul McErlean



e hear more of these stories of attacks by naked individuals seemingly going crazy towards others. The increase of these stories are strange and uncommon. The stories are in the news, yet we never seem to find out what the cause of these incidents are. What lead up to these events and why are they on the increase? The news fails to follow up and hold an open discussion on whether this is drug related or its something in the water. I for one would like to know the cause. Why it effect’s certain individuals and what is the cause? The training by law enforcement must be practical or psychological for them to utilize such methods of training. Right? Is it to de-humanize us in the eyes of law enforcement or is there something more to this. Personally I would venture to say it has more to do with possession than drugs, IMHO.

Also for those of you following many of the youtuber’s out there who have brought to light the 88’s & 11’s, this is crucial to the puzzle I would think. When the military assigns the numbers 88-88-11 to such a plan.


Hmm! Do you think they (first responders) know something? Is this by design? So many questions and no answers. (I know, I know “Just Be Calm & Carry On”).


So, A Zombie Walked Into A WhatBurger…




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    tman May 15, 2015

    Hey dahboo! Namaste! We need more light warriors like you brother! This is son of man.
    I only have a cell phone, so my comma are suppressed beyond recon! We have no landline, no t.v., no laptop, computers, or PC! We’ve been kept sooo low! We’ve had no car now for 4 years. I’m a disabled(PTSD) vet of desert storm. We live on my paltry income of 725 a month.
    That is my wife and I. Our kids are 23 and 20. We have 3 grandchildren. We live under the Mormon rule here in Brigham city Utah. We are godstians….which means, we read and follow the bible. We believe that Jesus Christ is lord and saviour, and that god is the omnipotent ruler and creator of the super omni verse! We are not a religion, but godstianity worships god as a way of life. Priorities are god, country , family!!! We love your YouTube videos and can only partake of them 11 days a month because our straight talk 45 dollar a month card says unlimited but then they throttle us!!! I didn’t know how else to get in touch
    With you, so even though this is not about zombies, I really need to write you about CERN and how they have injected new realities into my mind or life!!!! This is no joke!!! We’ve been shunned by our community and castigated, dehumanized by CERN and exhiled. Which I won’t budge!!! I’m a warrior of light also! I would appreciate your correspondence address please? If you could text it to my website I’d appreciate that too!! I wish I could speak with you but as I said even trying to reach out to you maybe extremely complex for my very existence! I’m using my wife’s email because I don’t usually necessitate one. Well, here goes… thank you for your time! I really pray this gets through as time is crucial now more than anyone really knows!!!!! Keep up the good fight brother!!

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